Marc Santolini

Team Leader

I am a long-term research fellow at LPI Paris (Université Paris Cité) and visiting researcher at the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy. I am also the co-founder of Just One Giant Lab, a nonprofit initiative aimed at developing decentralized open science using smart digital tools. I majored in theoretical Physics and minored in philosophy of science at ENS, Paris. I followed up with a PhD in the Statistical Physics Department of ENS investigating gene regulatory networks using tools from physics and machine learning. During my postdoc at the BarabasiLab of Northeastern University and the Division of Network Medicine at Harvard Medical School, I have investigated the networks underlying biological systems at all scales, from network medicine (protein interactome analysis) and personalized medicine to hospital network analysis, to the making of biology by studying the iGEM competition, an international student competition of synthetic biology. Since my arrival at LPI Paris, I have been studying collaborative learning and solving using network approaches on large empirical datasets, with the end goal to develop tools fostering collective intelligence for social impact. Apart from the lab, I enjoy playing music (all sorts of guitars and world percussions) and exploring the bottomless pit of weirdness that is the internet (Ben Levin, Bill Wurtz…). 

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Raphaël Tackx

Post-Doctoral Researcher

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in network science and data science. My background is in computer science and during my PhD, I focused on graph theory and its application to social network analysis. In particular, I studied the structure of bipartite networks and developed algorithms to exhibit their community structure. Using these tools I studied how individuals organize into communities on platforms such as Wikipedia, Meetup or Yelp. I am now developing applications that will collect various types of data coming from students participating to the iGEM competition. For instance, I developed CoSo, a smartphone application that can capture physical and social interactions between team members by using bluetooth as a sensor.

Chakresh Singh

Post-Doctoral Researcher

I work in the field of complex networks. I am also interested in problems related to non-linear dynamics, agent-based modelling of complex systems and recently I have a newfound interest in looking for machine learning applications in the field of network science. I completed my Masters in Physics in 2014 (IIT-Kanpur) and defended my PhD. thesis in 2020. During my doctoral thesis I used networks based approach to understand the structure and dynamics of collaboration between Indian researchers. The data was extracted for a period between 1919-2013 from publications by Indians in American Physical Society (APS) journals. At CRI, I am working with Marc Santolini and Liubov Tupikina on using large scale data sets and physics inspired approaches to understand innovation and collaboration in science and technology.

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Rathin Jeyaram

PhD Student

I am a PhD student with the FIRE doctoral school at the CRI. My project is to use data driven methods to understand organisation, performance, learning in teams and open innovation communities. For this purpose, I focus on digital traces from the iGEM synthetic biology competition, open source repositories on github and self-organised communities tacking the SDGs. I have a masters in Theoretical Computer Science and previous experiences working with phylogenetic and protein interaction networks. My research interests lie at the intersection of network science and social phenomena – particularly exploring how interactions can shape behaviour. I enjoy following football and I am keen to explore innovation in sport as a bridge between my research and hobbies. In addition, I like cooking, experimenting with new cuisines, hiking and exploring the countryside.

Personal resources: LinkedIn

Camille Masselot

Research Assistant

Camille holds a Masters’ degree in Public Health (MPH) from the Bordeaux School of Public Health with a specialization in international health. Her professional experience includes operations research on health systems mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa, and public health program management in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. More recently, she has been leading the operations of the NGO Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) and its platform, fostering the collaboration of a +4000 online volunteer community worldwide, composed of researchers, students, and entrepreneurs to undertake research and innovation projects on immunization and now COVID-19 within an open science framework. Globally, her professional interests lie in the resolution of global health issues in low-resource settings related to universal health coverage, implementation research, governance and participatory approach, and complex systems analysis. She is also a strong advocate of open science.

Lionel Deveaux

Digital Research Projects Manager

Lionel Deveaux is a digital project manager at CRI, Paris. His main role is to facilitate IT projects for research, and does so here by coordinating the development and maintenance of the digital apps produced in the team.

Robbie Ward

Visiting PhD Student

Robert is a doctoral student in Public Policy and a masters student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech where he works as a GRA for the Science Technology and Innovation Policy group, and a visiting student in the Interaction Data Lab. His research applies computational tools to uncover the organizational roots of innovation across academic, industrial and open science. In particular, he is interested in how the micro-level organization of information and work affects the production, dissemination and evaluation of new ideas. His work has been supported by the National Science Foundation, French National Research Agency, Google and the University of Vermont Complex Systems Center. Before coming to Georgia Tech he earned a BS in Molecular Genetics and his MPA from The Ohio State University where he worked briefly at the Battelle Center for Science, Engineering and Public Policy.

Fabrice Lecuyer

Visiting PhD Student

I did my undergraduate studies in Computer Sciences at ENS Lyon and am now a graduate student in the Computer Lab of Paris 6 (Lip6, Sorbonne Université). My main interests are probabilities, complex systems, data analysis and theoretical physics (that I studied for one year in Germany).

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Stephanie Chuah

Research Assistant

Stephanie’s work and research interest centre around youth-led innovation and challenge-based learning. She completed her MA thesis under the supervision of the Interaction Data Lab on the effect of virtuality on team collaboration and performance. Prior to this, she managed the Geneva SDG Summer School and the SDG Open Hack! in the Asian Pacific region, both programs designed to accelerate education for the Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, she divides her time between UNEP/GRID-Geneva, managing the sand and governance project, and the iGEM ties study.


Liubov Tupikina

Research Scientist – Bell Labs

Liubov is a mathematician and a theoretical physicist by training, with a PhD from Humbolt University. She studies mathematics in Moscow State University (MSU).
She is interested in the complex networks and processes on them. She also develops the international scientists-schools network exploring potential of scientific networks.
She works on the interface of physics, maths, data analysis and also is interested in the data visualisation methods.

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Samuel Fraiberger

Data Scientist at World Bank, NYU, MIT Media Lab

I am a computational social scientist fascinated by how the digitization of our lives allows to study social processes at an unprecedented scale, using massive datasets and methods borrowed from computer science and social sciences. I am fortunate to have published my latest research in Science and presented it at TEDx. I am also a firm believer in the power of data and technology to solve societal challenges.

Personal resources: | Twitter | LinkedIn

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras

Long-Term CRI Research Fellow

Currently a long-term research fellow at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity in Paris (Université de Paris, INSERM U1284) – leading the Peer-Produced Research Lab, working on how to enable the co-creation citizen science projects. In a former life a biologist-turned-bioinformatician-turned-citizen-scientist who did a Master’s degree in Ecology & Evolution and ended up doing a bioinformatics PhD on how symbiotic relationships influence genomic evolution.

Personal resources: | Twitter

Sasha Poquet

Research fellow, Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning, University of South Australia

I am a researcher at the Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning, at the University of South Australia.  I am interested in how human, technological, and artificially intelligent agents can change peer learning behaviour  and knowledge processes in digital settings. My research is situated on the intersection of learning analytics and computational social science.

Personal resources:

Megan Palmer

Executive Director, Bio Policy & Leadership Initiatives, Department of Bioengineering, Stanford

Dr. Megan J. Palmer is the Executive Director of Bio Policy & Leadership Initiatives at Stanford University (Bio-polis). In this role, Dr. Palmer leads integrated research, teaching and engagement programs to explore how biological science and engineering is shaping our societies, and to guide innovation to serve public interests. Based in the Department of Bioengineering, she works closely both with groups across the university and with stakeholders in academia, government, industry and civil society around the world.

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Michael Rera

CRI Core Research Fellow

I am a CNRS researcher with a core fellow position and CRI. I majored in Genetics in former Université Paris Diderot and followed up with a PhD studying Biology of ageing on the model organism Drosophila melanogaster, investigating the role of mitochondria in the process of natural ageing. During my postdoc in the Walker lab of UCLA, I furthered my study of mitochondria and their role in Drosophila’s digestive tract ageing. Since my recruitment as a CNRS researcher in 2013, I have built upon the first phenotype allowing to predicting impending death (Smurf phenotype) that I described during my postdoc, proposing a new theoretical framework for studying ageing – the two phase model (2PAC) –, showing its broad evolutionary conservation and proposing a novel mathematical model for describing population longevity. My arrival at CRI Paris marks the inclusion of synthetic biology and network theory in my projects.

Personal resources: Twitter | LinkedIn

Stefania Rubrichi

Research scientist, Orange Labs

I am a research scientist at Orange Labs, with the SENSE (Sociology and Economics of Networks and Services) department, working at the interface between socio-economic and computational data sciences. I am interested in how large-scale behavioral datasets, notably mobile phone data, can be used in a secured and fair way, to tackle important societal challenges in areas such as public health, education, energy, and national statistics.

Personal resources: Twitter | LinkedIn

Leo Blondel

Tech Wizard

With a Ph.D. in Computational Biology from Harvard University and a Master from the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) ULM I research different computational methods around developmental biology. I Co-Founded the Non Profit organization Just One Giant Lab to promote Open Science across the world and try to make the planet a little bit better and fairer. JOGL is the first research and innovation laboratory accessible to anybody, operating as a distributed, open and massive mobilisation platform for volunteer-based, IP free task solving. With an expertise in Data Science and Machine Learning I focused my studies on sequence data and image analysis. I am an advocate of interdisciplinary projects and believe in collective inteligence as the key to solving complex problems. I have been involved with the european union parliament on science policy surrounding green energy transition. Finally, I am an Open Science and Open Source advocate through participation in multiple projects. Child of the cypherpunk hacker subculture.

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