Funding from ANR JCJC

We are happy to share that we obtained a French National funding ANR “JCJC” (Young researcher): “CORES: Quantitative assessment of open collaborations in science and engineering”. This project will run in the next two years. The abstract can be found below:

Understanding how team collaborations underlie team performance is key for the design of organizational strategies as well as the development of new technologies for making groups more effective and collective actions more scalable. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the challenge of coordinating large-scale, self-organized, open collaborative initiatives to provide an advanced collective response to the emergency. Here, we propose to leverage large-scale, fine-grain datasets of open science and open-source ecosystems for measuring and modeling how intra- and inter-team open collaborative processes underlie collective performance and learning in science and engineering. We expect these results can contribute to improving the efficiency and proficiency of innovation and impact in multi-scale organizational systems including both private and public sectors.

Published by Marc Santolini

Team leader of the Interaction Data Lab at CRI Paris. Co-founder and Director of Research, JOGL.

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