New paper on research field evolution

In this paper, we explore how we can quantify the rise and fall patterns of scientific fields. In particular we find that the early stage of a field is characterised by small interdisciplinary teams of early career researchers publishing disruptive work, while late phases exhibit the role of specialised, large teams building on the previousContinue reading “New paper on research field evolution”

Funding from ANR JCJC

We are happy to share that we obtained a French National funding ANR “JCJC” (Young researcher): “CORES: Quantitative assessment of open collaborations in science and engineering”. This project will run in the next two years. The abstract can be found below: Understanding how team collaborations underlie team performance is key for the design of organizationalContinue reading “Funding from ANR JCJC”

Excellent Thesis Award

We are glad to announce that our Master’s student intern Stephanie Chuah Shin Ju from last summer was awarded the ‘Excellent Thesis Award’ by the Tsinghua University’s School of Public Policy and Management for her thesis “The Online Transition of the Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative SDG Summer School“. She is also in the running for the university-wideContinue reading “Excellent Thesis Award”